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Secondary Air Intake Tube for Solid Fuel Deluxe


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The original alloy tube suffers from corrosion as a build up of slightly acidic moisture can damage the bottom of the air tube. Our replacements are made of stainless steel so will suffer much less corrosion.

The secondary air intake tube runs from the left side base of the exhaust manifold (out of sight if you look in the flue door) all the way to the base of the Aga, then it turns a second right angle to the hole under the ash pit door. It's purpose is to allow the flue to draw air through the room, especially when the thermostat shuts.
If blocked or damaged your Aga may run very hot and use a lot more fuel!
This twin tube assembly slots together nicely and you then seal the joints with high heat silicone which we sell here.
These secondary air intake tubes fit all Deluxe Solid Fuel Aga range cookers from 1954 -1990 but NOT the Standard versions and are unobtainable from original manufacturers.


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