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90 Gallon Boiler Rubber Gasket - for original boiler only


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Gasket for original equipment boiler made with inspection hatch, fits only 90 gallon boiler.

Size 240mm x 250mm overall, width of material 29mm by 5mm thick.
Drilled for 8 attachment bolts
Internal opening size is 181mm x 191mm
This is made from a flexible rubber type material and is pre drilled for fixing

Suits this one Aga boiler type ONLY

Please note that we do not guarantee that this will fix your leak. In general we find that by the time the gasket is shot the boiler tends to need replacing and it is often more cost effective to do so while the cooker is dismantled. If not you may find you pay someone to replace the gasket only to have to pay them again later to replace the boiler.


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