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Complete Dropped Ash Pit Conversion Kit for the Aga Standard range cooker

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Unless stripped down and modified the Standard loses 100oF in the bottom oven if fitted with a simple oil conversion. We can supply the COMPLETE conversion for you to the job and avoid most of this heat loss. The result of fitting this conversion will be an Aga range cooker which mimics the internal design of the factory built models and gives similar performance.

Our Kit includes the following parts:
Finned hotspot - better heat conduction and much easier to lift out!
Outer barrel - with ledges cast in to accept the baffle plate.
Baffle plate - to throw the heat into the casting.
Dropped ash pit - with inner door to again keep the heat where you need it.
Ceramic rope to form new ash pit to barrel seal.
High Temperature Silicone Sealant 300oC sealing solution to attach ceramic rope seals.
Gaskets for both the oven & barrel manifolds.
Inner casting - gives a new frame that bolts to your front plate.
Metal shield to fill gaps.
Metal tube to take the oil supply pipe and KBB over heat sensor - with locking nut to secure through side panel.

You only have to cut down the existing legs that support the ash pit.

The whole kit will be shipped to you on a pallet as it's extremely heavy.

Full fitting instructions in pdf format can be supplied if required.

Buy as a kit and save 10% off the individual parts.

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