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Everything to convert your Rayburn Supreme back to solid fuel


If you have a Rayburn Supreme that was originaly Solid Fuel but has been converted to Oil in the past and you would now like to return it to Solid Fuel we can supply all the necessary parts. We supply fitting instructions with these kits the fitting of which should be easy enough for a competent DIY'er.

We offer the items as a kit grouped together at a £40 discount. This package includes:

Full set of 7 firebricks
5 Bottom cast iron grate bars
6 Top cast iron grate bars
Stainless steel ash pan
Toblerone grate support bar
Front rocking bar to carry grate
2 Metres under hob rope seal
6 Kilos best quality black fire cement

As every converter has a different way of working the following parts may also have been removed and will need replacing:

1 Riddler arm with black end
Operating tool
Thermostat arm that fits inside the louvred cover
Cam/riddling arm cast plate that is bolted to the sham cheek

If you require any of these parts please contact us.

Finally please remember that if your cooker was correctly installed a flexible chimney liner would have been fitted (6" diameter). If this was thin walled OIL or GAS liner it wont take the heat of a solid fuel fire and should be removed and replace with a heavy solid fuel liner (we can supply but its usually the builder who measures, orders and fits).
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