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Thermocouple Universal (900mm) Premium Nickel-plated


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This 900mm thermocouple is nickel coated for a longer life span. Frequently used on hotter LPG burners its also good for those cookers that seem to get through their thermocouples too often!

Supplied with 4 end connectors with a slightly flattened area just behind the valve end allowing the different connectors be be swapped over.

This thermocouple can also be connected to extensions to give a 1200, 1600 or 1800mm total length as required.

Suits both 2, 3 and 4 oven Aga range cooker models plus Rayburn range cookers. Both natural gas or LPG models. The thermocouples may be longer than the original fitted but you simply coil the excess.

Important set up advice. We have spoken to our suppliers after a few recent problems with thermocouples and they have the following advice: Only the VERY TIP of the thermocouple should be in the pilot flame as a flame heating on the lower area will cause the thermocouple to switch off the burner after a few hours. Please make sure yours is set correctly.

Please note we sell universal thermocouples which sometimes may need an additional fitting - Gas Aga range cookers and Rayburn range cookers have used many different pilot assemblies and valves in the last 42 years. We cannot guarantee ours will fit in every case and you may have to re-use some of the fittings from your existing thermocouple. For example the previous split nut.

Note. Should only be installed by Gas Safe (previously CORGI) registered gas engineer.


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