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Insulation Package for all Aga range cookers


Once the Aga range cooker is ready for rebuild you need to think RE-INSULATION. The latest material and most efficient is our ceramic wool blanket which at 25mm thick is as good as 8 inches of glass fibre or slag wool. This is the material now used when manufacturing new Aga range cookers or Rayburn range cookers.

Before your pour in and tamp down the vermiculite this should be cut to size and positioned to the oven side and rear, around the boiler (if fitted) and parts of the outer barrel that normally have vermiculite against them. This will maintain a higher heat in those parts and is exactly how the latest after-market electric Aga range cookers are now built.

Once fitted you can back fill with vermiculite for a really well insulated Aga range cooker. Then place any left over blanket  over the top of the vermiculite (under the black hob) to decrease the hob heat loss and further improve the Aga range cooker.

Suitable for all fuels.

Please contact us for further fitting advice if required.

Sufficient to give a layer 50mm thick. Sold in its own box. The ceramic wool blanket measures approximately 3.6 metres x 600 mm wide x 25mm thick.

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