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Dome Insulation Suitable For All Aga range cookers With Circular Domes


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The insulation in your old Aga range cooker cast iron or chrome capped domes was usually Rockwool or Slagwool but over the years this can become compacted down slowly loosing its insulating qualities. Now this can be replaced with our new modern ceramic pad.

These are sold individually or buy two sets and save 15% on the price.

These new insulation pads are one piece and compress to fit all circular cast and chrome domes made after 1946. If you are restoring your Aga range cooker these Superwool pads are ideal and measure 340mm diameter x 50mm thick, 96kg density.

Easily installed after removing the domes / lids. After this you remove the lid liners as follows. Old type, take out rope or ceramic seal to expose 8 brass screws and undo them and take off the saucer style dome liner. Newer type, undo the 3 self tapping screws under the wire rope seal. Once the lid liner is removed scoop out the old insulation and take the new block out of its plastic sleeve and slide into place. Refit liner and rim, glueing old or new sealing ring in with Everflex silicone adhesive.

Please note that the chrome dome top is shown in the photo for illustration only and is not included.

We offer a full Aga range cooker Dome Restoration kit including cosmetic parts to give your Aga range cooker a facelift at a discount. Chrome dome kit here and enamel dome kit here.

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