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Ashpit to Barrel Sealing Rope (20mm) for Solid Fuel Aga range cookers - 2 Metres


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This rope is required when sealing between the ash pit and the barrel. The rope is designed to withstand temperatures up to 1100 deg C found in a solid fuel Aga range cooker. It can therefore also be used with any of the other fuelled versions.

It is a 20mm rope with an Inconel glass over-braid. Sold in 2 metre lengths with taped ends. We suggest it is "glued" in place using our high heat silicone which secures it in place whilst the build takes place-it wont move after!

Why is our Inconel rope superior? At higher temperatures the very loose glass outer braid on the outside of standard sealing rope will soften or melt. If the product is held in situ and contained (not flexed or moved) then the inside core will continue to function at the higher temperature. If you move the rope however it will now fall apart without its binding outer layer. With the inconel rope the outer braids will also withstand 1100 deg C and there is no risk of the rope seal disintegrating.

Fitting this is covered in our ebook on Howto rebuild an Aga


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