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Buy this item, get a Flameview Grate Surround for £19.00 off

Flameview Grate


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Flameview Grate - size  21cm diameter with cranked "eye" under for the riddler rod connector.

The grate assembly in the Flameview consists of the circular cast iron grate, which rotates slightly when riddling and the flat surround that has 4 built in "ledges" to support the grate. This  can be removed from below, the flat surround may need the fireblocks moving to change.

Here we are offering the grate but we also offer the grate surround separately. Both can be purchased together at a discount. Just click the Buy Both Now button below. 

(Please see the additional photos tab for an image or both the grate and surround. This is for ilustration purposes only and only the grate is being offered here)

Buy this item, get a Flameview Grate Surround for £19.00 off


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