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Product Description

These second hand solid fuel outer barrels are the bucket that the inner barrel sits in. This contains the solid fuel and channels it down to the COG grate at the bottom.

They eventually develope holes at the bottom and the round hole goes oval. It is then time to replace.

There are 2 versions.
The Deluxe version has a letter box under the manifold connection, which the heat transfer plate butts up to.
The Standard version has the manifold connection but NO LETTERBOX.
The photo above shows a DELUXE version.

Fitting involves a complete strip down by an expert but we can put you in touch with one.

These weigh about 50 kilos so will need to be sent out on a pallet. (Why not buy 2 together as the delivery will be the same!)

Please note that as these are only obtainable second hand supply can vary so please check on stock levels before ordering.

Our barrels are inspected and are free from cracks.



Used Outer Barrel for Solid Fuel Aga range cookers