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Complete Thermometer to fit Standard


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Complete thermometer. Bolts to front plate via 2x 1/4 inch screws .Fits ONLY the Standard, 2 oven or 4 oven versions. Any fuel inc conversions. WILL NOT FIT Agathermic which has rectangular lids.

UPDATE 27/07/2015: Sales of mercury thermometers have now been phased out and this version contains alcohol and NOT mercury. The new alcohol "blue liquid" will not climb to the "data point" in almost all thermometers.They are really only useful to show some heat, as its rare for the column to get above the black. Please DO NOT BUY if you expect a like-for-like reading with the original mercury version and these are cosmetic only. See the photos here that illustrate the difference between the alcohol and mercury versions.

Alcohol versions are NOT suitable for ALL for solid fuel Agas.

If you want a better guide to temperature we offer in oven thermometers here.

We are getting quite a few people ordering the wrong thermometer so please see the following description which will help you order the correct version.

The Standard version has the BLACK section on the RIGHT as you face it and 2 holes to bolt in to the front. It is 158mm wide or 6.25 inch with a BLACK body.
The Deluxe version, for later cookers, has the BLACK section on the the LEFT and no visible mounting holes. It is 110mm wide with a CHROME body.

The Pre 74 Deluxe version BOLTS onto a small cast block so you have to raise the Aga range cooker top to fit a complete new one. The Post 74 version is either
Bolt On with fixing bolts that are 53mm centre to centre or Push on which has unthreaded pins that push into spring clips on the rear block that's bolted to your Aga front - the pins have 53mm between centres but the nearest one to the tube that carries the glass is 30mm. On the BOLT on version the threaded pin is only 17mm from the glass tube.

Please click on the photos below for further details.

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