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Boiler universal tappings for Rayburn Regent Solid Fuel & No 1


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Plain steel boiler with universal tappings. It fits in place of original boiler but NOT WEDGE shape version which we also sell on our store.

Two types of boiler were fitted in the Regent - rectangular and wedge shaped. The WEDGE type can be seen by removing the side panel cover and looking in.
We offer it with or without vitreous enamelled interior - needed if you have a DIRECT hot water system with only ONE cold water tank in the loft. Consult your plumber but if in doubt the extra expense gives you a longer lasting boiler in any area. If you EVER get brown water at the taps its likely you have a direct system!

The boilers come with 4 holes and 2 plugs to seal off unused holes - the plugs are LOOSELY fitted so need removing and re-making in by your plumber.

Comes with 4 x 1 inch BSP holes (to take pipe nipples) and 2 x 1 inch BSP plugs to fill unused holes, require making in with PTFE tape.

They are drilled on both side so can fit a left or right hand cooker  the boiler slopes so can't just go in backwards ) so are supplied with plugs (threaded steel end caps) to be made in on site.

This boiler will also fit the Rayburn No 1.
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