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Screwdriver for removing Standard Hob Screws (All Steel) 19mm Wide


This screwdriver is designed to undo the cap nuts of the Standard Aga range cooker.

The screwdriver tip is 19mm wide and designed to fit the standard cap nuts which are approximately 19mm wide. Please note however there may be some variation in the nuts over the years and if the screwdriver is too wide you may need to file the edges to reduce the width..

Under the chrome buttons (4 on a 2 oven) are tapered cap nuts with 5/16 inch Whitworth threads that attach to tie rods that screw into the base plate. To remove the black hob you must unscrew these and the slots are bigger than most screwdrivers have!
Best technique is to lubricate thoroughly with WD40 or 3-in-1 or penetrating oil and after a sharp tap on the top of this screwdriver you can either turn by hand or apply a spanner to the flats on the shaft. Its useful to have a mate push DOWN as you turn. Sometimes the rod will come adrift from the base. When this happens the nut lifts with the tie rod attached and you should immediately re-screw in in quickly and hold the rod UNDER the hob with water pliers or similar-then undo!

Made of steel throughout designed to last, painted green or blue(Please note the colour is not indicative of the version).

This will also suit Rayburn cap nuts.

We also offer a version with a slightly smaller tip for the Deluxe which is listed here.

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