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Stainless Steel Boiler for Rayburn No 2, Royal and 200 series Range Cookers


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Stainless steel boiler specially made for the Rayburn No2, Royal and 200 series Range Cookers with a DIRECT hot water system. These models date from the 50's.

This boiler is made to order in 5 working days. The return pipe connection has the "drop" tube fitted to stop reverse circulation on top tapping versions.  It's "handed" so we need to know if your OVEN is on the left or right side as you look at it.

Ready tapped for 1" BP connectors (do NOT use black iron nipples).
Made of high grade stainless this material is used as it's resistant to scale build up which happens in hard water areas. Direct water systems are "old style" with only one cold water tank in the loft. Never fitted if you have central heating. A common fault is the hot water running BROWN at the tap when the cooker is really hot. If unsure please ring for advice or ask your plumber!

Note the Rayburn No 3 had some parts marked No 2 but had a 3/4 size hinged lid so was only made with a side tapping boiler. The No 2 Stainless boiler will fit but please call for advice if unsure.

Please choose the version required below. Please note that a top tapping boiler has the pipes exiting through the top of the cooker. A Side tapping boiler has the pipes exiting through the side of the cooker.


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